Peer Mentorship Program

Graduate studies come with their unique challenges and stressors. The GPSN Peer Mentorship program was built to provide students with guidance and support from peers with relatable experience. Our program is unique in that the mentorship is not academic-centred, but rather serves to provide students with a safe, open space to discuss their challenges.

Whether you need short or long-term support, a listening ear, freedom from isolation or help navigating health and wellness resources, our mentors are available year-round on a rolling basis. Our mentors have received IAR, boundaries and EDI training and have diverse experience managing:

  • academic stressors
  • financial stressors
  • physical/mental illness
  • conflicts with supervisors and colleagues
  • family planning
  • impostor syndrome and more.

We understand that talking about health and personal challenges requires sensitivity and courage and we ensure that all your information is kept confidential and that your concerns are addressed respectfully and compassionately. Please note that our mentors are not counsellors or health care providers, but are a source of emotional support for mentees and a bridge to gaining professional and academic support when needed.

Click here to sign up as a mentee.

Click here to sign up as a mentor.

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